Our customers are our ambassadors. Together, their industry experience and our product performance speak volumes about our reputation. Across the world, in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia, Exitflex products are used by customers in all industries and are known for their quality, precision and innovative designs.

Our factory runs 24/7, we cannot afford extended down-time with our spraying machines. By choosing the Exitflex robotic flat tips we know what to expect from the outset. There are no nasty surprises; we know precisely when to replace worn tips to obtain optimum results, and improved productivity, says a Brazilian customer.

We win at all levels“, says a Swedish customer. “Using Exitflex SF flat tips guarantee an exceptional spray quality and pattern while at the same time drastically cutting spare part costs and maintenance expenses compared to more complex air assisted systems.


The Z swivel from Exitflex has no equal in the market. This stainless steel product is compact, light and can withstand the toughest working conditions. These characteristics provide us an ease of use and prevent injuries for our workers, says an Indian MCM paint shop foreman.


Swiss precision and quality ensure that our jobs are completed on time, every time. The LM tips from Exitflex save us a lot of money in the long run, says an Italian customer.


Performance Quality and Supply Reliabilitythis is the experience of a Japanese company needing Exitflex airless spray tips for their business and who have been buying them for nearly 20 years.

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Switching from air mix to robotic airless SF tips from Exitflex, resulted in top coat quality, supressing the need of compressed air and reducing overspray“, says a large window manufacturer in Norway.

Air Assisted Flat Tips

“Our painting lines for large roofing sheets are equipped with Exitflex AAA nozzles says a Spanish customer, simply because we trust the service and product quality of this Swiss-based company”

“Any contract spray painter would benefit by buying the Exitflex PRO45 for their AAA gun. Save time, paint, rework, stays clean, doesn’t spit – I’ve used many of the rest, but Exitflex is the best” says Rhys from Australia.